This one is really simple, it’s all in the name.

Take our perfect traditional Belgian Mayonnaise to start, and simply add black pepper and some extra spices.
We managed to get the perfect Pepper, not too overwhelming while still being “sassy” enough.

The right touch for your Burger: here comes DIKNEK’s Pepper Burger sauce.


When you think about pepper, you usually see the black, green or white little balls. That’s correct, but they still need to be crushed in tiny pieces that need to be crushed down.

This is where mills come in handy, whether they are the big wind-powered mills you believe only the Netherlands have, or the table-sized ones.

Well, Belgium is home to several hundreds of mills, with dozens of them still active today.

While we may not grow our own pepper in Belgium, it is clear we have the tools to crush them properly. But who else would be better suited to make a sauce with Pepper based on a perfect Mayonnaise, that would be the perfect extra for your perfect burger? Damn right again, Belgium is the home country of the real Mayonnaise, and DIKNEK’s definitely home of the most perfect Pepper Burger sauce !


rapeseed oil, water, salted EGG YELLOW (EGG YELLOW, salt), MUSTARD (vinegar, MUSTARD seeds, salt, spices), modified corn starch, salt, vinegar, pepper, spices, SOY sauce (water , SOY, WHEAT, salt), onion, sugar, caramel syrup, preservatives: E202, E211. acidity correctors: E270, E575. stabilizer: E412.

Nutritional Values

a bottle of DIKNEK Pepper Burger sauce