the DIKNEK logo
  • 100% burger sauces in a cloud illustration
  • 100% fritkot sauces in a cloud illustration
  • 100% crazy Belgian sauces in a cloud illustration
  • the word classics written in a cloud
DIKNEK dressed up and lying on a cloud

hoooooly diknek

an illustration of a sign marking the Grand Place in Brussels
a bottle of DIKNEK Gold sauce

and if we are talking classics, well..

i also combined the best of both worlds

oooh tjeez it's getting hot over here!

let's get high and light my raclette on fire

whooosh, we're out here in the far south, far west

ssssst... quiet now!

hold on, what just happened?

Ooooh, all those memories...

let's explore old mansions

go through the mud, they said

sun's out, guns out

Throw some pepper sauce on there

tears of laughter, tears of joy!

it's belgian fries, kluutzak

don't ask me how we stranded here

nobody can freakin' stop diknek, ever.

you'd think there's plenty of shade here.....

i promise you won't forget my costume

i'm not sure what happened during carnaval

this would've been a better carnaval outfit

wait what, belgian ketchup? you serious?

strong, pungent, and somewhat bitter

ooooh i can just smell the ocean!

the illustration of a red question mark

what's your language?