We are DIKNEK.

(and yes, we are Dikneks)

DIKNEK in his robe


We are some belgians, born and raised in Brussels, living the Belgian dream.
For as long as we can remember, we have been influenced by the Belgian arts, Belgian culture, and most definitely by our Belgian Food!

Food, food, food !!! Waffles, Chocolate, Beer, Cuberdon’s, and probably the most important one (even recognized by Unesco as World Heritage), our Belgian Fries

Hum, excuse me, but don’t you mean « French Fries » ?

Kluutzak. Everybody knows they’re from Belgium.
Anyway, fries are extremely tasty, but just like Batman, they need their Robin, and they wouldn’t be complete without their best friends: sauces!

So, one day, after a looooooooong talk, we decided to join forces and fulfill a mission: let the whole world discover the charms and flaws of our lovely Belgium, and the best way we could come up with was with…sauces (we swear there weren’t too many beers involved during that discussion).

DIKNEK leaning on a motorcycle

There you have it

Some crazy belgians who love sauces, fries,fun, good times,
and that want to spread joy in a bottle all over the world!