"Sometimes you see situations that, shall we say, escalate quite quickly.

Well, we may have outdone ourselves: when we heard people say that Samouraï/Banzai/Pili-Pili sauces from our sauce colleagues in Belgium were the hottest they'd ever tasted, we took it as a challenge.

So here's our Jean-Claude: it starts surprisingly quiet, but then you get a real kick in the mouth with the hottest Belgian Chips.

We at DIKNEK love everything "Puuuuur Belgian", that applies to our sauces AND our chips! At 1 hour drive from Brussels, in our beautiful Belgian fields,
our potatoes take their time before being harvested and baked with love and patience.

Our DIKNEK chips are prepared several times in succession to guarantee perfect crispness.

And we thought of everyone : our DIKNEK chips are full of flavor straight from our original DIKNEK sauces,

and are allergen and gluten free, vegan, Kosher and Halal suitable!

And by the way, we are 100% artisan!


Belgium is home to hundreds of Jean-Claudes (the first name), and home to thousands of Jean-Claudes (in spirit).

The whole wide world knows this first name thanks to our marvel from Brussels, who made such an incredible career in the cinema industry.

This CHIPS is out of pure love for the contrast that can be found in a sweet packaging that is ready to burst brute force out. We just love all the Jean-Claudes, clearly enough to make an hommage Chips for all of them!

Nutritional Values