Let’s say we managed to perfectly replicate one of the best-kept secrets of the food industry, and could bring back probably the most famous burger sauce in the world?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll leave it up to you to judge, but as far as we are concerned, this is one secret we are happy to have debunked: say hello to the M’Burger sauce.

More About M’BURGER

DIKNEK went all out to find this recipe – we’re actually sure he tasted hundreds of the same burger to be able to completely understand what ingredients he needed to be able to not only finally have the special M’Burger sauce at home but to make sure it would be the most complete version of it.

Mayonnaise, relish, Mustard, BBQ burger sauce, a touch of Apple aroma, some garlic, and some onions…That’s all we need to make this exquisite sauce.

Close your eyes, take a bite, the DIKNEK M’Burger sauce is a true Burger fan’s delight!

Nutritional Values

a bottle of DIKNEK M'Burger sauce