Straight out of the region of Liège, this sauce is the epitome of what makes us proud to be Belgians.

Find the perfect balance between apricots, Sirop de liège, candy sugar, and dates, and you’ll have the foundations of the Lapiiin sauce.

This sauce is quite regional, yet it has a cult-like following where entire clubs are dedicated to the elaboration, tasting, and awarding of the best possible Lapiiin sauce.

People from Liège, this sauce is incredible, and it’s time for the world to get to know your crazy side!

More About LAPIIIN

Many stories exist about the origins of the Lapiiin sauce, but the one everyone seems to agree about is that it all started during the 19th Century, in the outskirts of Liège, where a certain Mrs Géraldine Lapin created the sauce to surprise her husband.

You should know that we strongly believe in this explanation, as Liège and its region are one of Belgium’s places-to-be for people who enjoy food in its most diverse aspects.

You can also visit Liège for its museums, its monuments, its great parks, and its wonderful train station. And if you are lucky enough to choose the date of your visit, make sure to stumble around on the 15th of August, where the whole town becomes one enormous party celebrated by thousands of enthusiastic inhabitants, proud of their folklore and heritage.

Come for the town, stay for the sauce: Liège’s Lapiiin sauce deserves to be considered as the fine delicacy the world will envy us once more.


water, sugar, tomato concentrate, vinegar, modified corn starch, salt, dextrose, caramel syrup, acidity regulators: E270, E330. flavoring, rapeseed oil, preservatives: E211, E202. stabilizers: E412, E415

Nutritional Values

a bottle of DIKNEK Lapiiin sauce