Fries? Good. Cheese? Good!

Well, let’s just get the best of both worlds: Cheese fries!

Let us introduce you to the Dirty South of Belgium, where cheese is King!

More About Cheesy

Belgium has it all: a beachfront, endless flat crops, a desert (see the Algérienne sauce for more info), waterfalls in Coo, the smallest city of the world (Durbuy), and looooooots of forests.

The south of Belgium is really pleasant, with a lot of water streams shaping our countryside, providing a lot of untouched nature. In the cabins deep within the woods, the tradition of eating “hunger-filling” cheese has been celebrated generation after generation and is now clearly part of the local culture.

And who could blame them? Did you ever try cheese fries, with a side of bacon and crispy onions? If not, time to start, and if yes, you already know why we love Cheesy sauce so much!

Nutritional Values

a bottle of DIKNEK Cheesy sauce