Our Algérienne sauce is one of the latest additions to the Fritkot range, and it’s actually one of DIKNEK’s favorite.

It’s kind of a go-to sauce when you’re hesitating: want a sweet sauce or a spicy sauce? Well, the Algérienne has both.

Sweetness + spicyness + tomatoes + onions + red bell peppers = trademark for an exotic spicy sauce!


Our lovely country is a place of multi-culturality: around 180 nationalities are living in Brussels right as we speak! So it was logical for DIKNEK to wander around and taste some of the most gourmets from all around the world.
This is how we got to Algeria, knows for its spiced and powerful cuisine. But our DIKNEK, who couldn’t handle it well enough, decided to add the Belgian touch : let’s go for a compromise, like we clearly know how to do in Belgium.
Let’s add some sweetness to the spiciness, add some tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers, and let’s create a sweet-and-spicy orange combination that will fit perfectly along with fries, kebabs, and other delicious snacks that we love.

And if you want to get fully in the mood, you should know that we even have a desert in Belgium. Yes, in Lommel! A full 2km² we call the “Sahara of Lommel”. So, why not go there, and let’s run out to taste our delicious ALGERIENNE sauce!


water, rapeseed oil, sugar, tomato concentrate, onion, BLE starch, modified corn starch, acidity regulators: E270, E575. salt, vinegar, EGG YELLOW powder, spices, preservatives: E202, E211. peppers, stabilizer: E412. aroma, antioxidant: E385. MUSTARD (vinegar, MUSTARD seeds, salt, spices).

Nutritional Values

DIKNEK Algérienne sauce packaging