Now that’s a word you probably never heard before : Kwistax !

True celebrities of the beachfront, it was all natural for us to praise them in form of a sauce.

So close to the sea, we had to create a new sauce that could be the perfect partner for fish and fried meat, and let’s just say we are blown away by its amazing taste !

More About KWISTAX

Our 68km Belgian beachfront was the perfect excuse for us to have many harbors, and thus many fishermen.
Our fish industry brings 20,000 tons back to shore each year, and in the early days, bikes were used a lot to get them from one city to another.

The bikes evolved through the years, gaining a 3rd and 4th wheel to improve the stability at lower speeds and allow to transport heavier loads.

Nowadays, the Kwistax is a perfect distraction for kids: an extra option when you don’t just want to stay on the beach all day long. And that’s the role our Kwistax sauce also has: when you feel like something different than Tartare and Butter sauce for your fish meals, then rejoice because DIKNEK has invented the new Fish sauce to rule them all!


“water, rapeseed oil, pickles, sugar, salt, onion, modified corn starch, WHEAT starch, vinegar, EGG YELLOW powder, acidity correctors: E270, E575, E330, E509. spices, stabilizer: E412. preservatives: E202, E211. natural lemon flavor, MUSTARD (water, MUSTARD seeds, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices)”

Nutritional Values

DIKNEK Kwistax sauce packaging