This is Belgium. We love Fries. We love Beer.

Well, let’s get the best of both worlds and create a Beer-flavored sauce : the Trappist’ !

No joke this time, our sauce contains the real taste of Beer. It won’t get you drunk of course, but you’ll get to enjoy the art of Beer-brewing in a new form : this is the Trappist’ sauce.

More About TRAPPIST'

As the world capital of Beers, we have hundreds of different local varieties that can appeal to all types of amateurs.

But what really stands out are our Trappist Beers: Belgium counts 6 monasteries brewing beers recognized by the International Trappist Association, which authenticates those unique beers with a dedicated label of quality.

Still brewed by monks, these Trappist Beers currently have one of their members that have been elected as the World’s Best Beer: the West-Vleteren Trappist.

Inspired by the flavours, we took our best shot at capturing the essence of our Belgian Beer heritage: please welcome the DIKNEK Trappist’!

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a bottle of DIKNEK Trappist' sauce